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Entry #1

Hello everybody !

2009-01-08 12:27:51 by mr-vincent

Welcome, thanks you if you listen and/or give comments about my songs and my very bad angleuishe


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2009-01-08 18:50:18

haha ta photo est malade!

mr-vincent responds:

Hahaha :p check celle là maintenant :p


2009-01-11 20:34:05

scrot plouc plouc plouc

mr-vincent responds:

Scrotom Smegm


2009-02-04 19:53:01

Hi, me horny.


2010-08-14 19:18:56

I just listened to Chef d'catastrophe, and it sounds like it could be used for either the final dungeon of an RPG or an intense boss fight. (In short, I was impressed.) Was that what you were going for, or did I miss the point?


2010-09-20 20:26:35

Ben quou donc... Un autre québécois lol ! Faque, juste de même, tu fais de la bonne musique, pis ben... euh, c'est ça ! xD


2013-12-19 18:19:42

Say, mr-vincent, I saw in one of your older pieces from 2010, that you mentioned wanting to make music for a videogame.

Is that still the case?